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While I have enjoyed the Ancient Alien series, a means of learning a whole lot of the thinking and theories on early alien contact, I have the complaint that every theory is vetted with the same degree of acceptance, nothing is deemed unreasonable.

Is seems that anyone can have a theory, laws of physics defied,  jump into the middle of an ancient site, particularly Egypt, and come up with evidence to support their scientifically improbable idea. Watching one of these sessions I came up with the idea of Survivorman Alien because the evidence brought forth to support alien contact was so weak, I thought that the alien had to be in bare survival mode, if in fact he or she was involved in making the device, i.e. creating the evidence of alien intervention.  Note: The use of he/she or they or it, to avoid masculine reference is extremely bothersome to me. Unfortunately for the feminists, the language was designed around masculine when referring to both or unknown sex, trying to alter that for equanimity just makes an ugly syntax mess. However if this statement irks you, then please note that the Shaman Gene serials is pretty much equally divided between female and male protagonists, with the females taking the more expansive roles. In the end it will be Sandra who decides the fate of galactic civilization, and she's a lesbian. 

What is Survivorman? Well it is a TV series on the Discovery Channel, in which Les Stroud, the survivorman, is put in remote wilderness locations, with limited assets, and has to survive for a giving number of days, usually 5 to 7, and then is rescued, almost always at the brink of collapse.  There are four series of this type known to me, and I use the survivorman term to represent the genre.  I happen to like them all and see different merits in all four. They are: Survivorman, Man vs Wild, Dual Survival, and Man, Woman, Wild, all on Discovery.  The first two have been around a while, the last two were new in 2010.  My favorite is Man, Woman, Wild because twice they had to be rescued prior to the finish of their mission. Once she dehydrated to the point of potential death, and once he became hypothermic to the same critical level; they don't pull any punches, to be trite about it.

The idea of survivorman alien comes by crossing sometimes strained evidence of alien intervention and the idea of getting by, using limited resources, in an adverse environment, i.e. an alien who might have crashed here, having to get by on his knowledge, improvising.  Maybe in another age I would call it Robinson Crusoe Alien.

One of the survivorman alien technologies, found in Egypt, pointed to as potential proof of alien intervention is what appears to be an obvious battery cell, two different metal rods in a clay pot,  hypothesized to have been submerged in fruit juice (acidic). This would make a crude battery, but if our alien is doing this then he is in a survival mode, his more advanced technologies, somehow disabled or destroyed.  This is what I mean by survivorman status, for an alien, or possibly just an example of humans learning about electricity through an accidental discovery, the way most early human knowledge probably came into being.  An example of the later being the ability to make fire by rubbing two sticks together, that is primitives do not have to understand friction before they can harness its usefulness, the same with a battery cell of orange juice.   

Another example is a relief which seems to depict a large incandescent light bulb, potentially run off that battery, used to draw glyphs in otherwise lightless tunnels and passageways.  First, just because it looks exactly like a giant light bulb does not make it actually giant light bulb. Such assumptions come from our prejudices, having lived amid a plethora of such bulbs all our lives. But  if it is a vacuum tube light bulb, then our alien is resorting to primitive, get by technologies. This indicates that he is not exactly thriving here.

Another is the claim that the large pyramids have internal passageways made of huge stones which have been shaped to tolerances of micrometers, something that would require technologies immensely superior that of known to the Egyptians. Again I have to say that if our alien is having to orchestrate the stacking of tons of giant stones into a pyramid, with a precise tunnel aimed at Orion's Belt, then he may be demonstrating mastery, but it appears to a desperate attempt to mimic something more practical in design which he no longer has in his possession.  Perhaps there is something there in Orion's Belt, or that compass direction, closer or further, which he is attempting to broadcast a signal to, using his big long pyramid passageway to focus his beam on target, mush as a mirror would be flashed at a passing plane, signaling, "Hey I'm down here, please come rescue me."

Or more chilling, maybe the thing was built to observe Orion's Belt, on the pretext: If they found our trail, then they'll be coming from Orion's Belt. Let's focus our ear on that part of the sky, blocking out all other distracting noise, so we can have as much warning as possible.

In any case it all seems desperate and survivalist.

Some final observations:

The Nazca Lines have been studied to discredit the idea that they have alien connections.  It was found that they are procession lines, probably for religious purposes, the fact substantiated by the ground on the line being more compacted than the ground outside of the line, an indication that many many humans have walked the line, in procession, of course.  How does that discredit an alien connection? Maybe the alien was who they were honoring in the procession.

The obelisks of Egypt have been pointed to as some form of Tesla device to channel electricity, possibly generated in the tunnel in the pyramid,  from place to place to serve useful purposes. The fact that the obelisks are made from granite, which is pure crystal, being cited as evidence that this theory is true.  As a twelve year olds, my buddy and I went into an abandoned store, because we heard that prostitutes worked out of it.  It was boarded up, but we were sure that our source was right, and if we got in we would find evidence of the prostitutes. So we broke in and of course the place was empty, but we were sure that our sources were right so we pried up planks in the floor, certain that we would find a secret passage that lead to the den of prostitutes. 

Granite may be all crystal, mainly billions of fragments of three major types of mineral, not a solid crystal like one needed for signal generation.  People go into these sites looking to prove their theories, like children, turning what they see into things they cannot possibly be.

 As always I am grateful for any additional references, information, or suggestions; just email me.

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