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There are three arms of mysticism that seem to be related in form, and by the period when they came to light, i.e the appearance of their literature.  All of them either claim to have originals in the ancient Egyptian mysteries, or by form seem to have origins there. These three are: Free Masonry, the Kabbalah, and the Rosicrucians

All of these come to the surface around the time of the Crusades, or more coincidentally, after the Templars have been in Jerusalem, and have been digging under the Temple Mount, although all three claim to go back way before them, to at least Solomon  for the Free Masons,  to the beginning of the Bible for the Kabbalahists, and to Egypt for the Rosicrucians.

From my research, not having been a member of a Kabbalahist group, nor a Free Mason, but having read a lot of literature about them and having been a Rosicrucian; the models of life of the first two are so similar that it is apparent, at least to me, that they are shoots off of the same tree.  I didn't get deep enough into the Rosicrucian movement to determine how similar they were, but if I ever do, I expect to find the same form.  It is also interesting that the Tarot deck, symbolically captures this pictorially, and is claimed to have been used by the Templars as a means of conducting their mystical practices in subterfuge.  The Tarot also fits very well with the Kabbalah,  as demonstrated in my favorite Kabbalah book, The Fool's Pilgrimage by Stephan Hoeller. 

The Tree of Life (Kabbalah) and Masonry have similar structures. One can readily compare the four worlds of Masonry, top to bottom: Divinity, Spirit, Psyche, Body with the Kabbalah Tree of Life, correspondingly: Crown, Beauty, Foundation, Kingdom. Also there is a correspondence across the three levels of Masonry and the three branches of the Tree, corresponding Masonry to Tree as: 

First level Masonry,  passion and analysis; Kabbalah, splendor and victory

Second level Masonry, justice and mercy;  Kabbalah, severity and mercy

Third level Masonry, creativity and principle, Kabbalah, wisdom and understanding

The words are symbols for concepts, and when the two sets of concepts are compared, the one to one correspondence is  further solidified. Considering that the literature of Kabbalah began to appear in southern France around the twelve hundreds, in the time frame which the Templars completed their mission at King Solomon's Stables, below the Temple Mount, and also considering that the Templar - Masonry continuum is so overt it is mind boggling that some modern Masons still deny its existence, particularly when their junior organization, called De Molays, after Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Templars, engages in an initiation ceremony with props based on medieval paraphernalia (meaning no disrespect, but I didn't accept the offer, so I never learned exactly what it all meant),  it seems undeniable, at least to me, that there is a strong implication that some cross pollination between Judaism and the Templars occurred and that the Templars passed it on to the Masons. 

The Rosicrucians emerged several centuries later, but claim their origins all the way back to ancient Egypt, hence the Rosicrucian Museum, an excellent collection of Egyptian artifacts, located in San Jose, California.   




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