New Zealand Escapes!

While I sit here 8 minutes into the End of Time Day, New Zealand is only 3 hours away from escaping the end of time. That is in 3 hours they will have moved on the the 22nd of December.
Who knows exactly what hour and minute and second during the day that time will end, a particular problem arising from the fact that the Mayan Calendar’s smallest increment is the day, but in 3 more hours they will have escaped, making it possible that the Mayan’s were only thinking that the Western Hemisphere would be scorched–by a gamma ray burster, perhaps? That’s a pretty long sentence. Is it valid? Who cares! We have 23 hours of December 21st left here and that’s a lot more frightening than my sentence structure.
Anyway you can watch the New Zealand count down right here at this link. Most likely they will be out of danger by the time you wake up in the morning, if you wake up in the morning.
Link to New Zealand count down.
Damn I forgot to take an overnight flight to New Zealand and miss this day entirely. Got to make a note, next end of time day, fly out of San Francisco late the evening before doomsday, and lose the day completely while in the air.
By the way, if I live through tomorrow than I have the smartest readers in the world. 60% of my readers, taking my End of Time poll, predicted that nothing would happen today. Lets hope that for most of us this day just creeps by in the normal boring way. Merry Christmas!

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  1. julie royce says:

    Drat. I now have to attack all the jobs I postponed thinking the world was coming to the end.

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