Proving God

The Matrix heroes head down the Yellow Brick Road to find the Creator of their illusionary reality

Scientists at the University of Bonn have joined the Matirx guys on the trek to the magical, or holy, City of Oz. You can read about it in this article [link here], but I warn you only 20 people in the world can understand it and I’m not one of them.
The idea that we are in a Matrix, or something similar is age old and has been eluded to by Plato (Theory of Absolutes, and the Shadows on the Wall analogy), Descartes (“I think, therefore I am,” which is followed by there is at least one other, and that one is God), and many religions that view our lives as illusions. So the guys who thought up the Matrix weren’t so original, but then as Solomon said, “Who is?”, i.e. “There is nothing new under the Sun.” However, he didn’t commit regarding the other stars.
Even though I don’t understand most of what the above linked article says, I did try to find something in it that I did comprehend. The Abstract, something purposefully cryptic, gives me a clue:
“… we assume that our universe is an early numerical simulation…”
Okay so they are only testing against one specific kind of simulation, which leaves a world of others that might be. One might stop right there and think that maybe the Great Programmer in the Sky might be smarter than we are, and might have covered His tracks very well. On the other hand maybe He used something other than the “early unimproved Wilson fermion…”, but He wants us to have evidence of His existence, so He will make it appear that the universe is based on an early Wilson thing-a-ma-jiggy, and then we’ll think we’ve proven He’s there, but really we didn’t, but He let us find Him anyway. Okay, there! Got cha!
Whatever, it does seem like a reasonable scientific pursuit to try to find hard evidence of a higher intelligence. I think they will fail, or if they are successful, it will be a miracle, or maybe it will be just as much an illusion as our miserable simulated lives. In any case, it should raise the body of human knowledge to a higher level of illusionary understanding—whatever the hell that means.
Meanwhile, sci-fi writers, religious freaks, and philosophical stone-heads should just keep on writing about it. You’re answer probably is not as good as the scientists, but at least we’ll understand you.

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