Utah Paranormal and the End of Time Celebration

The hosts of Utah Paranormal (Cami, Cathy, Brett, and Josh) and I had a great evening on their August 23rd broadcast. If you aren’t familiar with their show, you can find it here. They deal mostly with the ghostly, but Cami and Cathy became interested in my alien-themed sci-fi and this oddly scientific blog, so they invited me to be on the show.
We spent two hours discussing everything alien, including several Unified Paranormal theories. One being the idea that aliens and spirits are from parallel universes, another being the possibility that they are all the same thing but are interpreted by each person according to that person’s predisposition. I.e., you will see a spirit in a haunted house because that is what you expect to see there, and you will see Bigfoot in the woods because that is what you expect to see there, but they are the same things, enigmas that reveal themselves by linking to your mind.
You can find the links to the show here.

Temples at Chichen Itza: They are tall and the grounds are expansive.

Uxmal is not fully uncovered. There are fewer hotels nearby.

An example of a Mayan calendar

We closed the evening on the idea of stirring up an event at Chichen Itza or Uxmal, Mayan ruins, on December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, which is sometimes declared, or inferred, to be the end of time.

Maybe we could get some big names like Destination Truth or Ancient Aliens or Decoded to sponsor the celebration, or to be involved. After all, Chichen Itza is where the alien gods are expected to return; we should be there to greet them. Surely it would put us on their most favored list.

Sounds like the perfect venue for a great celebration. After all, the end of time only comes once in forever. We may as well spend our last hours partying, or, if it’s not the end, then we ought to celebrate our continued blundering existence.
Frankly, though, I’m thinking the event should be at Uxmal. They have a light show every night, so if the aliens don’t show up there still would be entertainment.
Please take the poll below to let us know what you think about gathering at a Mayan temple on December 21, 2012 to greet the returning gods or to get scorched by an Earth shattering comet, whichever it was that the Mayans foresaw. And by the way, if you know any big time TV studs, see if you can get them on board to help orchestrate the event.

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5 Responses to Utah Paranormal and the End of Time Celebration

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  2. amber fischer says:

    My passpoort doesnt expire until june 2013, I listened to the show a couple weeks ago with Cami and Kathy. I would try to come if you guys put it together. Try being the key word 🙂

    • admin says:

      Try is the key word all the way around. At this point I don’t think a huge gathering of interested parties could be done but, a small gathering for a filming by an “investigation” type TV show could be pulled off. We just need one of those shows to pick up on the idea AND let us play a part.

  3. Julie royce says:

    Love the line, “After all, the end of time only comes once in forever.”:
    Your invitation didn’t give the option of loving the idea, but either lacking funds or being otherwise obligated! It should be a memorable time, but I hope there is still a world thereafter.

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