The Rhine and Mosel in October

Cochem Castle falconry show.

For most of us, a full-time job is like a prison sentence. Of course there are a few who love what they do; would do it for free if they had to, but for most of us, even with jobs that we like, would often prefer to be somewhere else. It would be so much easier to drop out and let the ubiquitous government carry us along, like mommy used to, or for some adults, still does. Mommy and government, there watching over our shoulders making sure that we take our vitamins, and that we’re not uncomfortable–having to work, or taking responsibility.
My daughter graduated, passed her professional examine, got her license, then got a job. We decided to take a family trip, maybe the last one together for a long time. As trip arranger, a non-paying job, a job I do for free, I got to decide where we were going. The Rhine River, with all its castles, had been on my list a long time so I designed a little U trip: Amsterdam, Mosel & Rhine, then Paris.

Mosel River at Beilstein. We came by ferry. You go through one lock from Cochem.

Mosel River at Cochem. Castle on the hill. We arrived by train. Train, ferry, walk–no car.

Late in the season, mid-October, after the crowds had thinned, the wine prices had dropped to cheaper than water, the air was crisp and the leaves were turning, forest walks through reds and yellows—a truly enjoyable trip.

View of the Rhine from Bacharach city wall. We came here by train from Cochem, transfer at Koblenz

Bacharach old city gate

By the way, we had apartments with kitchens in all three places. Being able to eat in sometimes, as well as make your own sack lunches is a nice option. Shopping in local markets and riding the trains everywhere are great ways to interact with the locals.

German girls participate in Cochem Castle falconry show.

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