Oak Island Season Two

Oak Island has started the second season and America Unearthed is rumbling into its third this weekend. America Unearthed got more interesting in the second season by involving others with expertise and opposing views. Also we got to see new technical gadgetry used in the analysis process. I’ll be out of the country for the Alamo show, and it will be old hat by the time I get back, so I’ll write about it then anyway.
Oak Island kicked off with an analysis of the copper coin found in the swamp. I guess others were concerned that it may have been planted. It turns out to have the characteristics of a coin which had been buried in a marsh for years. They didn’t say which marsh, and I didn’t catch how many years, but the Lagina brothers were happy, therefore so am I. One might argue that a coin with the right characteristics could have been found in a coin collection and then planted. At some point, you need to let go of your cynicism.
Who is spending their money to dig this stuff up? They should care, not me.
So next they bring out the giant metal detecting loop and get a big hit, indicating a substantial slug of non-ferrous metal. Wow, let’s dig. Let’s see what the hell is down there. Oops, the province requires a bunch of permits every time you turn a spade, and they want a good portion of anything good that is found. Marty is tired of the mosquitoes so, let’s stop digging where we have a good indication there is something and go back to the money pit, where we aren’t sure anything is.
Make sense? No, but I think that was a little bit of drama to keep us hooked until the end of the season when they return to the marsh and find the something.
Meanwhile, a Clovis point was discovered in the surf off New Jersey. It doesn’t mean that the Clovis people came from Europe. After its discovery in New Mexico, the Clovis has been found over much of North America. However, I’d rather find a Clovis than an old Spanish copper coin. See previous post of Oak Island HERE.
Oh, yeah, and now there is another show where two brothers dig for giants. I suppose it’s called “Finding Bigfoot, Dead.” I’ll let someone who watches a lot of TV tell you about it, as if you need to be told that it’s a bit goofy.
As a final note, I have been notified that my “books,” most of which are really my short stories, are for sale at various sites. I have not authorized the selling of my short stories, so please don’t buy them. Instead download them for free at Smashwords.com and their associate book vendor sites.

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