Bigfoot Hairs Found!

Still frame taken from famous Bigfoot video.

Still frame taken from famous Bigfoot video.

I saw this article yesterday. Oxford scientist, Bryan Sykes, collected DNA from two Himalayan yeti samples and both show that it is real and different from common fauna. It is, in fact, something thought to be extinct for 40,000 years. According to the article, Bryan thinks it is likely still alive, not the extinct animal, but one of its descendents.
It is not a primate, but a bear, a polar bear that is extinct in Norway, but possibly still lives on the slopes of the Himalayas.
Ponder that for a moment. It has so many ramifications: environment, scientific, reality shows.
One must think, is it possible for polar bears to go extinct without human caused global warming? Apparently this one did 40,000 years ago, and it wasn’t even warm then. It was in the last glaciation, which ended about 12,000 years ago. So polar bears can go extinct without warming—that’s frightening, maybe it’s flint spearheads that should be banned. In any case, we have to hope there may be two or three of these things still alive and that they can find each other to mate.
Will the Bigfoot advocates protest the scientist’s DNA sampling? If Bigfoot isn’t a primate will that end the popularity of shows like Finding Bigfoot? One thing for sure, we shouldn’t send the (Never)Finding Bigfoot crew to the Himalayas to find one.
Famous photo of supposed Yeti footprint. Some claim it is prints of smaller animals melted together. Yeah exactly. But is the print typical of a bear?

Famous photo of supposed Yeti footprint. Some claim it is prints of smaller animals melted together. Yeah exactly. But is the print typical of a bear?

Back to the hairs, it seems this must be a living animal, unless there was cross-contamination between the samples. One sample is hair recovered by a French mountaineer from a mummified Yeti corpse 40 years ago. This calls to mind Ice Man and mammoths found in receding ice, neither of which have lived recently. So maybe Yeti bear is extinct. Frozen mammoths have been found great distances apart. Should we send out search parties for live mammoths? Well maybe the Bigfoot crew; we know what they’ll find. The source of the other hair was 800 miles east of mummy bear. It was found stuck in living bamboo, meaning the thing seems to still be roaming about.
The article says that Alexander the Great wanted to collect a Yeti, but the locals told him that it couldn’t survive at low altitudes. Why did Alexander want one? You should know, but I’ll remind you. His teacher, a man called Aristotle, sometimes called the first scientist, at least the first biologist, asked him to bring back samples of the various species encountered during his travels of conquest. Just think, if Alexander would have taken a Yeti despite the warnings, we would have known for the last 2000 years that it was a bear.
Lastly can we save the modern polar bear by transplanting a few mated bears in the Himalayas? Or would they drive the Yeti bear into complete extinction?

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  1. julie royce says:

    No. No. No. I refuse to believe the Yeti is just another bear.

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