These pages are pretty basic but I didn't want to take forever to do them. You can navigate using the prompts at the bottom of each page. They are home, takes you back here; next, takes you to the next page; back, takes you to the last page.

Good luck and let me know if you think I need to change anything.

On each page are 6art objects. The entry number is below the object. They are grouped by artist. Artist is indicated by the first number, object by the second number. Give the full number to indicate your selection. You do not have to select something from each page, but be sure when you are done that you have at least one object from each artist, i.e. one object beginning with each number 1 through 13. Then select 3 more at random just because you like them. In the end we'll have 16 objects.. Write your selections to me in an email and I'll compile the list of "winners" and let you know the results before they become posted, just in case we have some final thoughts before we go public.
1-8 2-1
3-1 4-1
4-2 5-1
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