Junk the Junk DNA, Maybe


Recent press releases show the Junk Theory of excess DNA to be wrong, with one swipe eliminating a rich lode of sci-fi speculative material. It seems that excess DNA has a regulatory function, therefore cannot be the encoded library of … Continue reading

Curiosity—What Will Be Found


The Have no doubt about it, we are seeing the science equivalent of a massive battle flotilla forming off the shores of Normandy. NASA is about to claim the field in “Origin of Life” theories. Their Allan Hills foray, the … Continue reading

Part 3: Spontaneous Generation—Dr. Crick’s Solution


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Having discovered evolution through natural selection, the central theory for life on Earth, Darwin had established himself as biology’s Einstein. He had struggled and labored and like Samson he had knocked down the pillars of pagan and theological creation myths. … Continue reading

Spontaneous Generation-Orcs from Muck: Part 2


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In 1859 the proponents of spontaneous generation lined up against Louis Pasteur in a battle that nailed the theory in its coffin, to the dissatisfaction of many. Some would surprise to you. So who were the people who favored spontaneous … Continue reading