Ancient Aliens, Ark of the Covenant = A+


The Ark of the Covenant is drawing a lot of interest these days. It always has been big with these fringe shows and with good reason. It is one of the strangest things in the Bible, Merlin-like, or even Moses-like. … Continue reading

America Unearthed- Ark of the Covenant Here?


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I’m pleased to have Scott back on the air. I can tell immediately when his shows run because my blog hits go up a magnitude. America Unearthed does not propose to be a rigorous scientific proof. It simply introduces alternative … Continue reading

Life on Mars


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This article caught my eye. The Mars rover Opportunity discovered signs that Mars once had water “you could drink” and probably was “much more favorable in its chemistry, in its pH, in its level of acidity, for things like prebiotic … Continue reading

America Unearthed—Templars and the Holy Grail


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I had high hopes for the America Unearthed series, but I have to say that I have been under-whelmed by a good portion of the episodes. The final episode was among those. Part of the problem is tying every episode … Continue reading