Bio of W. Blake Heitzman


Blake grew up just south of Las Cruces, New Mexico, where he spent his spare time in his World War Two surplus jeep exploring the desert. Sometimes he just sat and listened to old timers’ tales of Geronimo, Pancho Villa, and Billy the Kid.
Today he weaves his love and respect for the desert along with bits of what he’s heard and seen into his stories.
A licensed Professional Engineer in the State of California with Masters Degrees in Energy Conversion and Urban Planning as well as experience as a college math instructor, Blake includes a dash of science and technology in his writing. Although it’s considered a sin, he may cause a non-science type to consult a dictionary from time to time. He says, “Reading my stories should be fun, and part of the fun is learning new things.”
For some they’re new and for others they’re old, but Blake includes a list of interesting topics in his writing. From ancient aliens to the Kaballah he tends to come at it from a new angle.
He is currently writing the science fiction series, The Shaman Gene, which gives a view of the world that is much different from what we have been taught to believe. Blake says, “Most sci-fi writers create alternative worlds—I take our world and twist.”
An anthology, “2012: ETA”, has been released for free at Smashwords, and for a small fee at Amazon. We plan to release the first novel, “A Far Traveler”, this year in commemoration of 2012, so to speak. Two more novels in the series—Panther Watches and Seekers of the Scroll are in draft. Blake is interested in feedback on the format of “2012: ETA”, an essay or two followed by the related sci-fi story.
You can read more and comment at Blake’s website:
Blake is also a member of California Writers Club and the Indie Author News.
2012: ETA can be found at these locations:
Barnes and Nobles
The novelette, From the Agenda is included in 2012:ETA, but can also be acquired separately at no charge at Barnes and Nobles and Smashwords.

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