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Today I’m posting my leg of the Bloghop handed to me by Jordan Bernal. Jordan writes about, and loves to travel in, Celtic realms. Her Keepers series is what I would call a thriller fantasy about modern day dragons and their riders. Jordan’s first novel of the series, The Keepers of Eire, is the 2014 Global Ebook Golden Award Winner for Fantasy.

Jordan Bernal

Jordan Bernal

If you want to know more about dragons and their riders, please follow the above link to her blog site where she has posted a bit about her lead female character, Devan Fraser.
Jordan is also the president of our local California Writers Club branch. Follow that link to learn more about us.

[Beginning of interview with Marie Rothe, a key character in The Robot’s Daughter ]

In a few minutes I will interview Marie Rothe, the character whom my second novel is written about. Before she arrives, I’ll give you some background regarding her story. In my first novel, A Far Traveler, Marie is briefly introduced as a clandestine aide to Herman Rothe, acting CEO of Haines Companies. Later in the novel, we learn that Herman is also the android companion to Gimish, an alien who crashed on Earth 3000 years ago. In short, Herman is a robot, a very sophisticated one, but none the less a robot.
Blake: Oops, there’s Marie now. Okay everyone, give Marie a big hand.
Marie: What the hell, Blake? You didn’t tell me you were going to film this. Hey, you with the camera. Get the fuck out of here. First I’ll take that memory card. Bye.
Blake watches while she breaks the memory card into quarters and throws it into the garbage can, then he says: Okay, I guess that ends that.
Marie: Well, what did you expect Blake? I can’t have my picture floating all over the web while she’s still out there.
Blake: I’m sure she already knows what you look like.
Marie: Yeah, just the same, no pictures.
Blake: Okay, let’s get to the questions. Marie, we know your name. Would you mind telling us where it came from and whether or not you are a real or fictional person?
Marie stares at me for an uncomfortably long period of time. I want to rephrase the question or just leave the room. Finally she speaks: I’m sitting here aren’t I? If Ancient Aliens can be real, then I can be real. You have any idea how many aliens live on Earth? You don’t want to know.
Blake: When and where does your story take place?
Marie: You wrote it.
Blake: For the audience please.
Marie: Ok for them. The part about me occurs in the Las Vegas area in the mid-1970’s. Some of the story takes place in sixteenth century France and some in other parts of the galaxy.
Blake: Marie, is there anything you can tell us that would help the readers better understand you?
Marie: You want me to give away the whole damned story? Okay, some people say I have anger issues. I admit that I have difficulty with relationships. Hell, at four my mother gave me up to Herman. So I was raised by a robot in Haines corporate offices. Is there any wonder I have trouble with relationships?
Blake: He didn’t put you in school?
Marie: Yeah, but I got tossed out—started too many fights. So Herman home schooled me, I mean office schooled me. That’s okay, I got to play with his inventions and computers. Oh, by the way, I’m lesbian. You have a problem with that?
Blake: No problem. Let’s move on the next question. So what are you trying to achieve in this book?
Marie: I want to develop a real relationship with someone. I try Stephanie, but she’s standoffish. Then I’m attracted to this Paiute guy, Jim Runningbird. So maybe I’m really bi. Mainly though, I would like to know what happened before my mother abandoned me. It gives me nightmares.
Blake: So what stops you from reaching your goals?
Marie stares at me like I’m stupid, then she says: I just told you—me. Well, also bad guys like Carr Ferguson, and that female demon sidekick of his.
Blake: So what is the title of the book and when will it be out?
Marie: You wrote it. You should know. Bye, I have to go. (Marie leaves)
Blake: Okay folks, the title of the book will probably be The Robot’s Daughter, and I hope to have it out by January, 2015.
[End of transcript]

Now I’m pleased to introduce Jeremy Poole, the next author on the Bloghop tour. Here Jeremy says a little bit about himself and his character. To learn more follow him at his blog site:

Jeremy Poole

Jeremy Poole

Jeremy Poole
Gritty, yes, proud, yes, happy and funny, I’ve been described as all of these, so has my writing. I’m a product of the South Wales valleys, born and brought up in the steel town of Ebbw Vale. I’ve studied, fought, and taught (I still do), but most of all I love life, family and books.

I love to write and I write with a vengeance and have a love for all things written. Arthur tells me his tales and I write. Five books written, lots to go.
Let’s not forget my six kids and full time jobs, ideas and food fly in my house.
My Celtic, hystofantasy novels take you back to the times of the great Celtic leaders; the first of which is George and Dewi; Part one of The Legacy of Brân, the Celts.
The second book, Brân is the story of the great god himself, entwined with Arthurian legend. The third book ‘The battle of Briton,’ should arrive soon, 2014. The Brân series looks at ancient Celtic tales and legends, from the Mabinogion and beyond, and brings them back to the page, packed with adventure. Arthur tells no lies!

I also have a passion for children’s comedy; ‘The Family Itch’ which has received exceptional reviews will make anyone with a funny bone laugh.
‘Tricky’ will be published in late 2014. Both books will make you cringe and laugh, whether you’re eight or eighty.

Spud, the main character from ‘The Family Itch.’

Dylan “Spud” Williams isn’t very bright, or clean for that matter, but boy can he dream. He wants to be a millionaire and with only his wild imagination, unwashed clothes, cow pats and greasy hair to help him, the possibilities look slim. But Dylan has his contagious enthusiasm, his friends and of course his long lost Aunt’s inheritance to help; what could possibly go wrong?

Jeremy will tell us more about Spud and his other characters and stories when he continues the bloghop at his website:

Thank you all for tuning in today.

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