America Unearthed–Pre-Columbian Celts?


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Comments on America Unearthed—Pre-Colulmbian Celts in America?Is it possible that Europeans were in America prior to Christopher Columbus? When I was in grade school it was theorized that the old Norse legend about a guy called Leif Ericson might be … Continue reading

Comments on America Unearthed: Medieval Englishman in Arizona


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This was the second show of the series and is interesting to me because I grew up in New Mexico and Arizona. In high school, I spent almost every weekend exploring the desert looking for artifacts, fossils, and minerals. The … Continue reading

America Unearthed


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My new favorite show is Scott Wolter’s American Unearthed. His show takes a scientific approach to controversial topics. Today, I’m commenting on the Michigan copper episode, where Scott investigates the idea that Minoans mined copper and tin in Michigan 5000 … Continue reading